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Uber, Lyft setback: Insurance chief backs proposal to hike coverage requirements

by Patrick Hoge, San Francisco Business Times

An insurance gap was highlighted last New Year’s Eve when a driver seeking passengers in San Francisco with the UberXd smartphone application open struck and killed a little girl. Uber argues it isn’t liable because the driver didn’t have a ride order at the time. The girl’s parents sued; their attorney said the driver’s insurance only allowed for maximum payouts of $15,000 per person and a maximum of $30,000, the California minimum. Read More ›

We Saved Consumers $125 Million On Insurance So Far In 2014

by Richard Holober, Executive Director, Consumer Federation of California

10/1/2014 Update: 2014 consumer savings rose to $148.3 million by year’s end. To recap: 1 million AIG policyholders saved $7.7 million on homeowners insurance. Infinity Insurance policyholders saved $15.5 million on auto insurance. 1.2 million Farmers policyholders saved $34 million on homeowners insurance (details below). 1.6 million … Read More ›

Consumer Federation saves California homeowners $34 million

Using California’s longstanding consumer protection laws, known as Proposition 103, CFC worked with Farmers and the California Department of Insurance to cut the increase nearly by half, resulting in an overall savings of about $34 million. Read More ›

Report: Prop 103, $100 billion win for auto insurance consumers

25 Years, $100 billion saved on auto insurance for California consumers! That’s the legacy of Prop 103 in California according to a new report released by the Consumer Federation of America. Read More ›

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