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Chemical industry fights for flame retardants

by Michael Hawthorne, Chicago Tribune

A leading manufacturer of flame retardants is suing California to block a new flammability standard that starting next year will allow furniture manufacturers to eliminate the chemicals from new upholstered sofas and chairs sold nationwide. Backers of the lawsuit also lobbied fiercely to thwart a California bill [SB 1019] that would require labels on any new furniture that still contains flame retardants. But much like earlier tactics embraced by the chemical industry, the latest legal and political maneuvers rely on flawed data and questionable claims about the effectiveness of flame retardants. Read More ›

Flame retardant bill wins important industry support

by Gary Cohn, Capital & Main

Furniture makers switched sides on SB 1019 after state Sen. Mark Leno agreed to clarify the definition of flame retardants. It’s still bitterly opposed by the chemical industry, whose campaign against regulation and public disclosure of flame-retardant chemicals is reminiscent of Big Tobacco’s fight against government controls. “The fact is that flame retardants have not been found to improve fire safety in our furniture and SB 1019 would provide consumers with truth-in-labeling for the first time,” said Judy Levin, pollution prevention co-director at the Oakland-based Center for Environmental Health. Read More ›

EWG-Duke study finds five times as much cancer-causing fire retardants in children as in mothers

by Environmental Working Group, press release

Environmental Working Group researchers teamed up with scientists at Duke University to test 22 mothers and 26 children. The results were disturbing: the urine in every mother and child tested yielded evidence of exposure to TDCIPP, a cancer-causing fire retardant. In the children, the average concentration of a chemical biomarker left when TDCIPP breaks down was nearly five times the average in the mothers. Read More ›

Burned: How the chemical industry is endangering lives with toxic flame retardants

by Gary Cohn, Capital and Main

SB 1019 has national implications for consumers, manufacturers and retailers, and is fiercely opposed by the American Home Furnishings Alliance, the North American Home Furnishings Association and the Polyurethane Foam Association. Beyond these and other industry groups, it is being fought by the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the California Chamber of Commerce. Read More ›

State senator wants consumers to know what fire retardants they are taking home

by Samantha Weigel, San Mateo Daily Journal

Scrutiny over the widespread use of flame retardant chemicals led California to update its flammability standards last year, and now Senator Mark Leno wants to provide consumers with the ability to make well-informed decisions over what they bring into their homes. Read More ›

New California fire standard can be met without toxic flame retardant chemicals

by Michael Hawthorne and Sam Roe, Chicago Tribune

California threw out the 38-year-old outdated flammability rule and approved a new one that furniture manufacturers can meet without using toxic flame retardants. Read More ›

AB 127 reduces toxic flame retardants in building insulation, maintains fire safety (signed into law)

CFC supports AB 127, which would reduce the use of flame retardant chemicals in building insulation while maintaining building fire safety and encouraging healthy building practices. Read More ›

Ineffective, toxic flame-retardant chemicals on the way out

California regulators and lawmakers moving forward on adopting flammability standards that would help eliminate ineffective and toxic flame retardant chemicals linked to neurological problems, infertility, cancer, and other adverse health impacts. Read More ›

Progress on toxic flame retardant protections

For nearly four decades, an outdated California furniture flammability standard has led to the widespread use of toxic flame retardant chemicals, without the promised benefits of reducing fire deaths. Read More ›

Toxic flame retardant chemicals: Governor Brown’s fire safety regulation unveiled

Richard Holober: “…We are pleased Gov Brown has taken the important step forward to transform an obsolete regulation which follows the advice of safety experts, not chemical manufacturers.” Read More ›