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Some Assisted-Care Safeguards For Seniors Advance

An ambitious drive to protect seniors living in residential care facilities for the elderly continues to progress through the committee process as the Legislature works toward its summer recess, scheduled to begin July 4. The action is in Sacramento, but the impetus comes from families around the state. Read More ›

CFC-Sponsored Ban Against Computer Spyware Signed Into Law

SEPT. 18 – Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill sponsored by the Consumer Federation of California to protect consumer privacy by restricting the use of spyware on rented computers. Thanks to Assembly Bill 2667 (Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica), consumers who rent a computer or similar electronic device in … Read More ›

SB 1256: Brown Signs Curb On Medical Credit Scams

Health care patients would no longer be subject to exorbitant third-party credit charges arranged without their full knowledge and informed consent under a Consumer Federation of California-sponsored bill that passed a unanimous state Senate floor vote on Thursday, May 15, 2014. Read More ›

Ban on spying on rental computer customers awaits governor’s signature

A measure sponsored by the Consumer Federation of California to protect consumer privacy by restricting the use of spyware on rented computers is headed to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk following a 36-0 vote in the state Senate Aug. 18 and Assembly concurrence in Senate amendments today. Assembly … Read More ›

SB 1188: Manufacturers Not Liable For Selling Junk?

Courts have let business off the hook for hazy TV screens, overheating computers, malfunctioning washing machines, and more. Senate Bill 1188 holds corporations accountable – but it faces fierce industry opposition. Read More ›

SB 383: Battle For Privacy In Online Purchases Falters After 2-Year Fight

credit card and computer keyboard

CFC sponsored the bill to restore privacy protections, permitting online businesses to collect only a customer’s zip code and other limited information necessary to combat fraud or identity theft. Apple is leading the opposition; several industry lobbying organizations lined up against the bill. Senator Jackson plans to take up SB 383 for a Senate Floor vote in January 2014. Read More ›

SB 52 Strengthens Campaign Contribution And Advertising Transparency (2-year bill)

The provisions in SB 52 will help ensure that the public is more aware of what and who is influencing California’s elections. Read More ›

SB 686: Drive to stop sale of recalled cars runs out of gas

A scandalous and possibly unprecedented year for automobile recalls wasn’t enough to persuade the Assembly Business Professions and Consumer Protection Committee to maintain SB 686’s safety drive; the measure went down to defeat June 17. “This Legislature just wasn’t up to standing up to the car dealers,” said Rosemary Shahan, president of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety, the organization that sponsored the bill. She vowed to continue to press the issue.
Read More ›

CPUC Ignores Cell Phone Privacy

The California Public Utilities Commission buries its heads in the sand regarding cell phone privacy. Read More ›

Consumer Federation of California’s 2013 Legislative Summary

The 2013 legislative session concluded on September 13 and Governor Brown had about 900 bills to sign or veto. Numerous consumer bills advanced and Consumer Federation of California had important successes. Read More ›

SB 448 proposes office to investigate fuel price volatility, gas price fixing (vetoed)

CFC supports SB 448, which is aimed at protecting California consumers who have, for too long, been at the mercy of a few major oil companies that control nearly all of the transportation fuel market. Read More ›

AB 1409 would make harmful changes to Lifeline telephone program (vetoed)

Steps to modernize the program by allowing wireless customers to participate are already underway by the CPUC. The changes made by AB 1409 would only generate confusion and potentially create delays in the program. CFC opposes this bill. Read More ›

Telecom industry’s AB 300, surcharge on pre-paid cell phones (vetoed)

CFC opposes AB 300, which would impose a surcharge on pre-paid cell phones. This overly complicated and unnecessary surcharge collection structure will mandate a shift of the burden of surcharge payment onto the bills of the California consumer. Read More ›

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