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California Regulators Fine Uber $7.6 Million

by Bryan Goebel, KQED/California Report

California regulators slapped Uber with a $7.6 million fine Thursday, voting unanimously to affirm an administrative judge’s ruling that found the ride service company in contempt for failing to meet reporting requirements. … The detailed information that Uber failed to provide in 2014 had to do with driver safety, access for people with disabilities and how it was serving neighborhoods by zip code. Regulators have said Uber defied the reporting requirements and that the zip code information the company initially submitted was “useless.” Read More ›

PG&E Management Allegedly Ordered Papers Destroyed After Blast

by Jaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle

PG&E pipeline ignites an explosion in San Bruno 9/10/2010.

A former Pacific Gas and Electric Co. official hired after the San Bruno gas-pipeline explosion to clean up the company’s records said management ordered her to destroy documents, and that she found a telltale preblast analysis of the pipe in the garbage, according to a federal court filing. … PG&E’s alleged “pushback” against [the employee’s] recommendations … “is direct evidence of PG&E violations of record-keeping regulations, and explains how PG&E did not genuinely attempt to address its known record-keeping deficiencies,” prosecutors said. Read More ›

PUC Needs A Clean Break With Peevey Era

by The Editorial Board, San Diego Union-Tribune

San Onofre nuclear plant

If PUC President Michael Picker wants to save his agency from a further erosion of its tattered reputation … [he] should demand that the PUC stop withholding documents from the media and stop resisting cooperation with criminal investigators. … Then the PUC president should announce he no longer supports the PUC’s November 2014 vote to assign 70 percent of the cost of the San Onofre shutdown — $3.3 billion — to the utilities’ ratepayers. The deal is an awful one for the utilities’ millions of customers. Read More ›

Criminal Probe Focuses On San Onofre Response

by Jeff McDonald and Ricky Young, San Diego Union-Tribune

San Onofre nuclear plant

“The facts indicate that [Michael Peevey, former President of the California Public Utilities Commission,] conspired to obstruct justice by illegally engaging in ex parte communications, concealed ex parte communications, and inappropriately interfered with the settlement process on behalf of California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA,” [according to the sworn affidavit.] “Peevey executed this plan through back channel communications and exertion of pressure, in violation of CPUC ex parte rules, and in obstruction of the due administration of laws.” Read More ›

Customers Of Clean Energy Programs Hit With Fee Increase

by Lizzie Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

coal plant at Morro Rock

Hundreds of protesters came from as far as San Diego to oppose the fee increase at Thursday’s meeting in San Francisco. They carried homemade signs reading “Stand Up to Natural Gas!” and “CPUC: Consumers Pay Again?!” Public comment on the change stretched for more than two hours. … PG&E originally filed an application to raise the fee by 70 percent in June, but submitted another request last month to as much as double it. The fee helps the power company pay for energy it contracted for when it had more customers, preventing remaining patrons from bearing the brunt of the costs. The charge is required by law and determined by a formula implemented by the CPUC in 2011. Read More ›

PG&E Lacks Documentation To Prove Pipelines Are Safe, Panel Says

by Jaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle

PG&E pipeline ignites an explosion in San Bruno 9/10/2010.

“Together, these violations show how PG&E has made it nearly impossible for this commission to determine — more than five years after the San Bruno explosion — whether PG&E’s currently established” pipeline pressure levels are “actually legally justifiable,” [the watchdog office of the state Public Utilities Commission alleged. … office head] Joe Como said Wednesday that the company’s behavior is not excusable given that it lacks federally required records for 1,000 miles out of its more than 5,000-mile system. Read More ›

Mercury News editorial: Governor’s PUC Emails Should Be Public

by The Editorial Board, San Jose Mercury News

One percenters enjoy fine wine.

Brown stood by former PUC President Michael Peevey long after Peevey’s grossly inappropriate relationship with PG&E became clear. Under Peevey’s watch, the PUC let PG&E take money that was approved for pipeline safety and use it instead for executive compensation before the deadly 2010 San Bruno explosion. The governor also knew Peevey inappropriately engaged in secret talks with Southern California Edison, the majority owner of the San Onofre power plant in San Diego County. But the real surprise was this fall, when he vetoed the six-bill PUC transparency package that was passed unanimously by the Assembly and Senate. Read More ›

PG&E Looking To Raise Fee On Green Energy

by Lizzie Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

coal plant at Morro Rock

Early last month, the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. quietly filed an application to as much as double its exit fee for customers transferring to local green energy programs like CleanPowerSF. … It is ultimately up to the California Public Utilities Commission, which is scheduled to vote on the increase Thursday. If approved, it would take effect Jan. 1. … “It feels like an attack on local green energy programs,” [said Barbara Hale, assistant general manager for power for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission]. …“Did it knock us to the floor? No. Did we stagger? Yes. It’s up to the California PUC now.” Read More ›

Consumer Federation Of California Releases 2015 Scorecard For State Lawmakers

The Consumer Federation of California (CFC) has released its 2015 Scorecard for State Legislators, which rates lawmakers on the votes they cast on key issues, including privacy, automobile safety, household toxics, truth in advertising, living wages, reform of the California Public Utilities Commission, and other consumer protection … Read More ›

Edison Fined $16.7 Million For ‘Secret’ San Onofre Chats

by Teri Sforza, Orange County Register

“The CPUC could have thrown the book at Edison, with maximum penalties of $41.75 million, which would have sent a much stronger message than a paltry $16.74 million,” said Mindy Spatt, spokeswoman for The Utility Reform Network, a consumer group that has pulled out of the San Onofre settlement agreement. “Edison may be left with the impression that the CPUC doesn’t take their violations of the ex-parte rules all that seriously. This money will go to the state general fund, not customers, who would be best served by the commission reopening the case and returning more money to customers,” Spatt said. Read More ›

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