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Prop. 24: Vote NO on confusing ‘Consumer Protection’

Bakersfield Californian Opinion

Editorial: Reject Prop. 24, California’s online privacy measure Complex ballot measure is the wrong way to go about achieving consumer protections

Mercury News & East Bay Times Editorial Boards

The Technology 202: Privacy advocates battle each other over whether California’s Proposition 24 better protects consumers

Washington Post article here

Prop. 24 repeals business tax breaks

by Tim Herdt, Ventura County Star

Lenny Goldberg, president of the California Tax Reform Association, argues that the option would give corporations the best of all worlds – the ability to use the formula that minimizes their taxes in good years, then to use the other formula to maximize their losses in bad years. Read More ›

CFC supports good government and privacy protection (SB 244)

CFC supports SB 244 (Lara), which prohibits state and local agencies from collecting and recording personal information, or disclosing any record containing personal information, for any purpose other than administering public services or programs. CFC Letters 9/5/17 Assembly Floor Alert 6/19/17 letter to Assembly Judiciary 5/22/17 letter … Read More ›

CFC Applauds FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Broadband Privacy Proposal

The FCC Chairman’s proposal would prohibit Broadband Internet Access Service (BIAS) providers from sharing sensitive information without a consumer’s consent. The proposal also requires BIAS providers to inform consumers about what information they collect and with whom that information is shared. Read More ›

Consumer Advocates Back FCC Proposal For Broadband Privacy Rules

by Rick Weber, Inside Cybersecurity

Consumer advocates are backing the general intention of a Federal Communications Commission proposal that would impose privacy requirements on Internet service providers. Read More ›

Uber, Lyft setback: Insurance chief backs proposal to hike coverage requirements

by Patrick Hoge, San Francisco Business Times

An insurance gap was highlighted last New Year’s Eve when a driver seeking passengers in San Francisco with the UberXd smartphone application open struck and killed a little girl. Uber argues it isn’t liable because the driver didn’t have a ride order at the time. The girl’s parents sued; their attorney said the driver’s insurance only allowed for maximum payouts of $15,000 per person and a maximum of $30,000, the California minimum. Read More ›

Proposed Rules Take Second Stab At Holding For-Profit Colleges Accountable For Graduate’s Success

by Ashlee Kieler, Consumerist

The Department of Education is making a second attempt to rein in those for-profit colleges that benefit from financial aid to students without providing them the education needed to find gainful employment after graduation. But some consumer advocates say the proposed regulations don’t do enough to help students. Read More ›

Proposed Federal Laws & Regulation That Could Help Consumers In 2014

by Kate Cox, Consumerist

Here are four key areas — mostly proposed laws and one policy — to keep an eye on throughout the new year. If you want to see any of these federal bills become law, make sure you let your representatives and senators know. Read More ›

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